Laminate Flooring $4.98/SqFt Installed

Flooring Direct Flooring Installation Dallas Texas

Lawson's River Ranch collection in four color stains, Fireside, Tabasco, Buckeye, and Ashford - sold and installed by Flooring Direct.

If you're looking for an affordable, durable, low-maintenance alternative to gorgeous hardwood flooring, consider Lawson's Laminate Flooring starting at $4.98 per square foot, Installed!

A laminate floor is made in layers and Lawson's four-layer manufacturing includes a top film overlay of corundum oxide, aluminum oxide and melamine resins forming a hard, transparent and super strong coating of protection, resisting scratches and abrasions from foot traffic, pet claws, furniture, toys and children. Our $4.98 per square foot price includes the laminate, underlayment, and labor for installation.

Lawson's River Ranch collection features the grains, pores, and rich stain colors of real wood in styles you expect to see high-end hardwood flooring without the easily damaged aspect of genuine wood product.

At Flooring Direct, we bring the store to you! Our Flooring Experts bring the samples you want to see to your home. While you view our samples next to your furniture under your lighting, our Flooring Experts get accurate measurements and construct expert diagrams to determine the best installation price for your situation.

Additional labor charge of $350 is added to purchases under 150 square feet of laminate.

Call Flooring Direct in Dallas today at 214-390-0850 or toll free at 888-466-4500. Schedule a Free Estimate and Measuring appointment and our Flooring Experts will bring the store to you! Tell your operator you want to see Krono Swill Laminate samples, and any other flooring you're keen to inspect, and our flooring experts will bring them to you!

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