Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Sales!

Don't be fooled by FAKE SALES!

We don't raise our prices to give you Fake Sales!

Don't be fooled by our competitors that make offers of 50% off, but are only raising their seasonal prices and quoting you the same old thing!

Flooring Direct is local, independently owned, and bringing you the same low prices day after day, with service and quality that you can trust.

Plus, with our price matching, we'll meet or beat any written, verifiable estimate from any of our established competitors* on any service and product quoted in our competitor's estimate.

Flooring Direct was founded in Dallas and has been serving Dallas / Fort Worth since 1988 with integrity, great service and low prices.

Don't be fooled by FAKE SALES! Call Flooring Direct at 888-466-4500 and set your Free Estimate Appointment Today!

Our flooring experts will bring the floor samples you want to see to your home, give you a free, no-obligation, written estimate, so you can compare side-by-side to the other's "50% off" quote.

Call 800-466-4500 or request your appointment online, Today!

established competitors* includes and is limited to Empire Today, LLC, a Northlake, Illinois-based flooring company, Luna, a California-based flooring company, and 50 Floor, an Atlanta, Georgia-based flooring company. All others will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Call Flooring Direct at 888-466-4500 and schedule your FREE Estimate and Measuring appointment, and request to see carpet samples in the convenience of your own home - in your natural lighting, next to your furniture - that's true color matching!

We make it fun! We make it easy. We make it happen.

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