Wood-Look Tile Flooring Installed By Flooring Direct Of Dallas In Richardson Texas Residence

Wood-look Tile Flooring Installation Pictures in Richardson

Flooring Direct sells and installs flooring in homes and multi-family residences all over the Dallas / Fort Worth area, and commercial locations all over the state of Texas.

Flooring Direct is pleased to present pictures of our wood-look tile installation in Richardson Texas.

Wood-look Tile is a great flooring option for the rich, deep color and texture of wood flooring without the hassle of scratches, water damage, and creaking and settling over years.

Wood-look Tile comes in ceramic and porcelain and are available in residential, multi-family and commercial grades of toughness.

Flooring manufacturers utilize different techniques for producing Wood-look Tile with the scallops of hand scraping, natural looking non-repeating high-resolution grain, beveled edges and different widths and lengths.

Wood-look Tile flooring is nigh-indestructible, easy to clean, water tolerant and high traffic friendly.

Flooring Direct has wood look tile starting at $5.99 per square foot, installed!

For before and after pictures from this Wood-look Tile flooring installation, click here.

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