Throw Back Thursday 7-28-2016

Throw-Back Thursday Vinyl Flooring

“The Golden Age of Vinyl Flooring” from 1960

All the way from October of 1960, we bring you this Throw-Back Thursday vintage Advertisement for Vinyl Flooring.

Fifty-five years ago this advertisement proclaimed "The Golden Age" of vinyl flooring. But if they could look forward to 2016, they might not be so bold.

Today's Luxury Vinyl flooring in nearly indistinguishable from the wood, tile and stone it often simulates.

Today's Luxury Vinyl flooring is soft and comfortable underfoot, while being nearly indestructible to furniture, claws, heavy traffic and moisture.

Today's Luxury Vinyl flooring can manufactured to be low in emissions, pollutants and toxicity. Today's Luxury Vinyl flooring can be manufactured with recycled materials, and designed to have specific recycle-ability at end of life.

Luxury Vinyl flooring has come a long way, baby. And if 1960 was "The Golden Age" of vinyl flooring, then today must be "The Space Age" of vinyl flooring.

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