Throw Back Thursday 7-21-2016

Throw-Back Thursday Vintage Bigelow Carpet with Cumuloft Nylon Fiber

Carpet Surprises from 1967!

Today's Throw-Back Thursday features a bit of a surprise twist. This Bigelow Carpet Ad circa 1967 features a tagline, "Since 1825, America's Most Experienced Carpetmaker." But it's the Cumuloft logo in the bottom left that brings curiosity to the piece, with its tagline: "Nylon fiber by Monsanto."

Yes, the Monsanto Chemical Company now most prominently reported in the news for its global Agribusiness ventures has a long history of manufacturing nylon and acrylic fibers for many uses, including carpet manufacturing.

In this dated advertisement the husband's high school coach income is listed as $8,000, and it's the wife who is picking the carpet. In 50 years a lot has changed about carpet manufacturing, and a lot has changed about carpet purchasing.

At Flooring Direct we ask that all decision makers be present at our Free Estimate and Measuring appointment, because no matter who is making the income and who is choosing the colors, picking a carpet is a family affair that effects everyone involved.

So schedule a Free estimate appointment with Flooring Direct and let our flooring specialist bring the store to you. We've got carpet for every income and design.

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