Throw Back Thursday 6-2-2016

Vinatge Vinyl Tile Flooring - Throw-back Thursday

Kenflex Vinyl Asbestos Tile, 1956.

Not Your Grandmother’s Vinyl Tile Flooring

Today's Luxury Vinyl Tile comes in realistic, natural designs and is not made of Asbestos.

For Throw-Back Thursday #TBT we present this vintage vinyl asbestos tile flooring advertisement.

These days it's hard to imagine someone trying to sell you Asbestos flooring! Today's Luxury Vinyl Tile can be made with zero-pollution emissions and be designed to be 100% recycled at end of life.

Still, with recent news stories featuring formaldehyde seepage from certain imported flooring products, customers have to be as diligent as ever when choosing a flooring source.

Fortunately, they've got a freind in Flooring Direct.

Flooring Direct is independently owned and operated and made up of local families, just like you and me.

Employees of Flooring Direct use their products in their homes, recommend their flooring to family and friends, and wouldn't dream of selling anything they wouldn't use in their own home with their own children and pets.

If you're interested in seeing the benefits of today's vinyl flooring call Flooring Direct in Dallas at 214-350-0890 or from anywhere across the DFW metroplex and beyond at 888-466-4500.

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