Original Carpet Flooring vs New Wood-look Tile Flooring

Two For Tuesday Carpet Flooring Vs Wood Look Tile From Flooring Direct

Flooring Direct Two-for-Tuesday 10-4-2016

Flooring Direct presents these Before and After pictures of the original home-builder's carpet versus wood-look tile installed by Flooring Direct.

If you're trying to imagine what your home might look like once we remove the old builder's-grade carpet and install new, luxurious, wood-look tile, check out these before and after pictures of our wood-look tile installation.

Wood-look tile is water resistant, so unlike hardwood flooring, it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms without worrying about spills or wet feet on water-sensitive hardwood flooring.

Wood-look tile is damage resistant, so unlike hardwood flooring, pets with claws and children with toys aren't going to scratch up the surface. No need to worry about dropping toys or pushing furniture across these hard ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Wood-look tile can be beveled or scalloped to resemble hand-scraping and sanded edges, with high-resolution non-repeating grain patterns and stains that are indistinguishable from engineered hardwood flooring.

And right now you can get all new wood-look tile purchased and installed for the same price as engineered hardwood. Flooring Direct features ceramic wood-look tile starting at $5.99 per square foot, installed!

Call Flooring Direct in Dallas at 214-390-0850 or toll free from anywhere across DFW and beyond at 888-466-4500.

Request your free estimate and measuring appointment and our flooring experts will bring samples for you to view in your home while we get accurate measurements and leave you with a free, no-obligation estimate for the flooring your're most interested in.

Our award-winning service and installations will have you in all new flooring in no time.

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