National Textiles Day 2016

National Textiles Day 2016 - Flooring Direct

Today is National Textiles Day!

You may not ever think about textiles but they surround you in your every-day life.

Textiles are fibers of natural or synthetic origin woven together in varieties of ways to form fabric, clothing, bedding, furniture and carpet.

Textiles have evolved a long way since the first rugs and carptes.

Today's carpet textiles range from natural, organic fiber to recycled plastic water bottles.

Today's carpet textiles can be manufactured with dyes melted in for through-construction color that won't fade or leach.

Today's carpet textiles can be woven from continous fiber for ellimination of shedding and fraying.

Today's carpet textiles can be designed and manufactured to be 100% recycleable or reusable at the end of its lifetime.

Today's carpet textiles can repel liquids, dirt and grime, reducing required maintenace and increasing longevity.

Today's carpet textiles have come a long way. And if you still think of carpet in the terms of that old, ratty, worn-out shag rug you grew up on, then maybe it's time to talk to the flooring experts at Flooring Direct and see what today's carpet textiles can do for you.

Call 214-390-0850 in Dallas and 888-466-4500 across all DFW and request a FREE Estimate and Measuring appointment.  Tell our operator what samples you want to see in your home. We bring the store to you!

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