National Pet Month 2016

Happy National Pet Month May 2016

At Flooring Direct, we love our little puppies and kitties! Many of our Flooring Direct employees have their our own little animal family members at home, and some have even rescued and volunteered as foster families for dogs and cats finding new homes.

And at Flooring Direct we're well versed in pet friendly flooring. Flooring Direct has carpet options with features such as dirt and grime repellent, moisture repellent, and moisture barrier backing to prevent liquids from penetrating past carpet into the padding and sub-floor.

Flooring Direct also features hardwood flooring alternatives in vinyl and tile. Wood-look vinyl has all the grain, colors, bevels and scrapes of hardwood without the scratching of big dog's paws. And tile that has been shaped and colored to resemble the most rugged hand-scraped hardwood planks, but won't stain or warp or absorb pet liquids and odors.

Having wonderful loving pets doesn't mean having to sacrifice on having the beautiful flooring of your dreams. Let our flooring experts guide you with their abundant product knowledge and help you pick the best floor for your dream-home and your furry family members.

Call Flooring Direct locally in Dallas at 214-390-0850 or across DFW and beyond at 888-466-4500. Schedule your free estimate and measuring appointment and we'll Bring the Store to You! Our FREE, no-obligation estimate will include our accurate measurements and all materials and labor to install your pet-friendly flooring in your home. With no hidden cost and our award service, your no-hassle installation will leaving you and your family happy with your new flooring.

Happy National Pet Month from Flooring Direct.

Cat Friendly Carpet with Magic Fresh from Flooring Direct Dog Friendly Carpet with Moisture Barrier from Flooring Direct Pet Safe Laminate Floor from Flooring Direct Furry Family Friendly Floors from Flooring Direct

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