National Beverage Day 2016

National Beverage Day 2016 Flooring Direct

May 6th is National Beverage Day

Here at Flooring Direct we're a big supporter of having your favorite beverage. We've got a restaurant-grade coffee brewer with our own coffee grinder. From to-go cups and thermoses to big-gulps with handles, Flooring Direct runs on personal liquids, hot and cold.

Unfortunately, life sometimes involves accidents and spills. And what may be your favorite beverage in your cup may also be your most un-favorite color when spilled on you light carpet flooring.

Fortunately there's Life Happens Carpet Flooring by Shaw. Life Happens Carpet Flooring contains LifeGuardTM barrier backing so that spilled liquids don't penetrate down into the fibers of the carpet, the padding and the sub-floor. Spills clean up easily and never stain or absorb into the carpet flooring.

So enjoy your beverage of choice, and enjoy it responsibly. And if you spill your beverage, there's no need to cry - Life Happens Carpet Flooring by Shaw will make clean up a breeze.

Happy National Beverage Day!

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