Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean Carpet

Mohawk Carpet at Flooring Direct

Flooring Direct is pleased to offer Mohawk SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ Carpet.

“The toughest, easiest to clean carpet on the planet™”

Mohawk’s SmartStrand utilizes advanced fiber innovations for the highest level of beauty, comfort and performance.

• A perfect carpet flooring for high-traffic families with kids and pets
• Built-in with Nanoloc™ spill protection technology for easy and quick cleanups
• Carpet flooring with permanent built-in soil and stain protection
• Exceptional durability preserving the beauty, style and appearance of your carpet flooring
• Softness so luxurious you can sink your toes in it
• A true breakthrough in carpet technology and sustainable flooring

Carpet by Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean at Flooring Direct

Carpet by Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean at Flooring Direct

SmartStrand Forever Clean has lifetime stain resistance built into the core of the fiber. Unlike carpets that use topical protections that can wear off or wash off over time, Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean is a part of your carpet.

SmartStrand Forever Clean is not manufactured with dye sites for spills or soil to adhere. Permanent lifetime protection is built into the carpet fiber preventing spills and soils from becoming stains and keeping the carpet easy to clean for a lifetime.

SmartStrand Forever Clean features Nanoloc™ nanotechnology, encapsulating the fiber and creating an advanced barrier against spills and soils. This creates a surface that has been shown in laboratory testing to be up to three times easier to clean than conventional carpet surfaces.

SmartStrand Forever Clean is made in portion with yearly renewable plant-based materials, reducing the usage of limited natural resources, and enabling a reduction in energy consumption during manufacturing.

SmartStrand Forever Clean is manufactured in part with Dupont™ Sorona® polymer. This polymer is OEKO-TX certified to be free of harmful chemicals and materials. You can feel at ease with a carpet fiber independently certified as safe and healthy for your home.

SmartStrand Forever Clean comes in a wide combination of colors, styles, protections and features, to fit the needs and design of any home. And our flooring experts can help guide you through the myriad of choices and make it easy and fun to fulfil your flooring wishes and needs.

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