Luxury Sheet Vinyl vs Stone Tile Flooring

Flooring Direct Two For Tuesday Luxury Vinyl Sheet Flooring vs Stone Tile Flooring

Flooring Direct Two-for-Tuesday 5-31-2016

Flooring Direct teams together with Mohawk Flooring to bring you today's Two-for-Tuesday Face-off!

One of these images is Luxury Vinyl Sheet flooring, the other is Stone Tile flooring. Can you tell which is which?

Today's Luxury Vinyl Sheet flooring is textured and shaped and high-resolution colored to simulate real natural stone tile.

Today's Luxury Vinyl Sheet flooring cost little to nothing to maintain and is easy to clean. Real stone tile will lose grout and develope grout grunge and stains over time.

Today's Luxury Vinyl Sheet is nearly indestructible, and warm and soft under foot. Real stone tile flooring can be cold and hard an unforgiving to bare feet in the morning.

Stone tile requires mining from the earth and construction methods that may be not so beneficial for the environment. Today's Luxury Vinyl Flooring can be manufactured to to as low as zero-pollutant emissions and can be designed to be 100% recycled at end of life.

And today's Luxury Vinyl Sheet flooring can simulate not just stone tile, but wood in various finishes and simulated to different distresses and grains to fit any design pallette. And since Luxury Vinyl Sheet flooring is water resistant and easy-to-clean it's a great flooring choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

And in today's Luxury Vinyl Sheet vs Stone Tile match up, the stone tile is the image on the left, with the luxury vinyl sheet on the right. How certain were you?

Our Flooring Experts can help guide you on the perfect Luxury Vinyl Sheet flooring for your circumstances. Let us bring the samples to your home, give you an accurate measurement and a Free estimate on the flooring of your dreams.

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