Light Hardwood Flooring vs Dark Hardwood Flooring

Flooring Direct Two-for-Tuesday 5-9-2016

Flooring Direct Two-for-Tuesday 5-9-2016

Flooring Direct and Mohawk Flooring have teamed up to bring you Two for Tuesday with a classic head-to-head match-up of Light Hardwood Floors VS Dark Hardwood Floors.

Both have their place in contemporary home design, but when to use light hardwood flooring instead of dark hardwood flooring can be more than just a matter of taste.

Light hardwood flooring versus dark hardwood flooring is a question first and foremost of the design direction you're going to take your room. Are you going to have many colors, a wide variety in your palette? Or are you going to create a white space and accent a few contrasting colors. These answers are going to best dictate the lightness or darkness of your hardwood flooring.

If your room is going to end up with lots of colors and rich textures, light hardwood flooring will help bounce light back up onto the place it's supposed to be, the colors! The light flooring will help keep the eyes on the colors and help blend those elements together in a pallet.

If your room has white walls or light colored furniture with monochrome pallet and accent colors, dark hardwood flooring will let your features stand out and give contrast and separation to monochrome elements. The dark floor will help absorb more of the ambient light bouncing around the room and give a bright room balance.

Whatever your choice Flooring Direct can bring the store to you! And with Mohawk's large range of quality hardwood flooring we can find the perfect color and style for your design needs.

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