Hardwood Flooring Installation Pictures in DFW

Hardwood Floor Installers Flooring Direct in Dallas

Flooring Direct presents these pictures from our Hardwood Flooring installation in the Dallas / Fort Worth area city of Sachse.

This resident left for one week's vacation and came back to all new hardwood flooring throughout the ground-story of his home.

Removing pictures from walls and disconnecting home theater electronics were all the homeowner had to do for their installation.

All the existing tile floor removal, furniture moving and staging during installation - including replacement - was handled by our installation team.

Flooring Direct's customers don't have to run from store to store, wasting time and gas money trying to find the cheapest price - We Bring the Store to You!

Get a Free Estimate and Measuring in your home and take that time to study samples of the flooring you're most interested in. You'll have the convenience of examining the flooring in your own home and the advantage of your home's natural lighting to compare next to your actual furniture. That's true color matching!

Flooring Direct sells and installs Hardwood Flooring with select models starting as low as $5.98 per square foot, installed! Our flooring expert can help guide you in product choices to get the best flooring for your circumstances and budget.

Flooring Direct has an industry leading 2-year warranty on hardwood installation against labor and craftsmanship. With our highest regard for correct and proper installation, your manufacture's warranty is insured.

For before and after pictures from this Hardwood Flooring installation, click here.

For beautiful flooring like this in your home, get a Free Estimate from Flooring Direct at 214-390-0850 or toll free from all across DFW and beyond at 888-466-4500. Or request your free appointment online.

  • Hardwood Floor Installers Flooring Direct in Dallas Kitchen
    Hardwood Floor Installers Flooring Direct in Dallas Kitchen

Call Flooring Direct at 888-466-4500 and schedule your FREE Estimate and Measuring appointment, and request to see carpet samples in the convenience of your own home - in your natural lighting, next to your furniture - that's true color matching!

We make it easy! We make it fun. We make it happen.

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