Happy Friday the 13th from Flooring Direct

Happy Friday 13th - Flooring Direct

Don't let your flooring installation become a Horror Story! Shop with Flooring Direct and let us take care of You!

Avoid the cliche horror stories of flooring nightmares!

The Ghost Contractor

"They seemed like such a nice crew and they were anxious to start the installation, so I gave them money up-front to buy materials and I haven't seen them since!"

Unfortunately, the dissappearing ghost contractor is a story we still hear all too often. Even with today's modern resources, con-men can convincingly pose as contractors and take money for a job that they never intend to complete.

When you shop with Flooring Direct you have the peace of mind of working with a company that has been established since 1985. Flooring Direct has been listed with the BBB since 2007 and has won an Angie's List super service award for years 2010 - 2016. We've been flooring Dallas / Fort Worth for quite a while, and we're not going anywhere.

The Waking Nightmare

"I had a week of vacation days to install my own flooring with time to spare. That YouTube tutorial said I could do it in an afternoon. It's been six weeks, and I'm back at work and my wife is sick and we still don't have flooring in the kitchen or bathroom. Every time I see it unfinished it's like I'm living in a nightmare that won't end."

Today's modern engineered hardwood and DIY videos on the internet may make it seem like a "snap" to install wood flooring. But the truth is, just like every hand-skilled trade-craft, time and experience are still the best way to quick, high-quality installations.

Flooring Direct works with only the highest-skilled and dedicated installers. Flooring Direct has a proven track record of getting installations done right and on time. Don't let your new flooring become an unending nightmare - get your new flooring and installation with Flooring Direct.

Creaking Floorboards

"The price they gave me was so low, I couldn't believe it! But 6 months later the wood creaks and cracks and they say it's already out of warranty. My brand new flooring already sounds like an old haunted house."

Ghost stories are as old as the adages: If it's too good to be true, it probably is and The Bitterness of Poor Quality remains Long after the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten. At Flooring Direct we won't sell inferior product. We don't sell certain engineered hardwoods that may be popular due to their dirt-cheap price, but don't hold up to the wear and tear of real life.

With three decades of company experience - and flooring experts that have been in the game even longer - Flooring Direct focuses on products that have the quality and longevity to go the distance. With an industry leading 2-year installation warranty and the good business relationships needed to fullfill manufacturer's warranty you'll never be left in a perilous situation with Flooring Direct.

Don't let buying new flooring become a nightmare on your street. Call Flooring Direct in Dallas at 214-390-0850 or from anywhere across DFW and beyond at 888-466-4500. Or request your FREE estimate and measuring appointment online with our form.

Happy Friday the 13th! Avoid the nightmare and shop with Flooring Direct! We Bring the Store to YOU!

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