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Only Available for Multi-Family Construction and Builders

SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ - "The Toughest, easiest to clean carpet on the planet.™"

Rated #1 in customer satisfaction!

With SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ you don't have to worry about families with kids and pets.

The new Nanoloc™ spill-protection technology allows for quick and easy cleanup of spills or messes.

The only carpet with permanent built-in stain and soil protection. It's not sprayed or dipped or coated on - it's built into the fiber. So it won't wash off or wear off over time.

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With Nanoloc™ Spill Shield, ultra-fine nano particles bind together at the molecular level to shield the fiber with a total spill and soil resistance, insuring that SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ is the easiest carpet to clean in the world.

Only Smart Strand Forever® Clean™ fiber technology has permanent stain protection built in, preventing spills from getting into the fiber core and becoming a stain.

SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ has been engineered to not hold on to dirt. Independent vacuum testing has shown SmartStrand® Forever Clean™ releases up to three times more dirt than competing carpets.

Carpet by Mohawk at Flooring Direct

Carpet by Mohawk at Flooring Direct

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